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2009 College Conference on Composition and Communication

April, 2009
San Francisco, California

We are organizing a workshop that take up the theme “What�s at stake in attending to research in other national contexts and what�s at stake if we don�t”. We want to create an additional space for in-depth discussion about writing research in higher education in various cultural and/or national contexts.

Call for workshop leaders: Send us at statement of interest: two or three sentences about your specific domains of research, the project about which you would send a text, and the name of your institution.

Email: Tiane Donahue: and Cinthia Gannett:

Read more about the conference


InterLAE International Conference: Interpersonality in Written Academic Discourse: Perspectives across Languages and Cultures

December 11-13, 2008
Departamento de Filolog�a Inglesa y Alemana, Universidad de Zaragoza, Jaca, Spain

The aim of this conference is to provide a multiperspective arena for both theoretical and experimental approaches which can contribute to and stimulate the current debate on academic written discourse, interpersonality (in academic discourse), the writer-reader relationship and the role of relevant issues such as culture, discipline, individual style, (non)native use of the language and the role of English as a lingua franca, among others.

Call for papers: We welcome papers on issues regarding interpersonality in written discourse seen from a cross-cultural perspective, cross-linguistic perspective (including native and non-native use of the language), cross-disciplinary perspective or the perspective of individual factors. Submission deadline: March 14.


A conference web site is now available


Tertiary Writing Network (TWN) – From here to here – Biennial Colloquium

December 2-3, 2008
AUT University, Auckland, New Zealand

The overarching theme of “From here to there” offers many possibilities, including approaches to developing learning and the teaching of writing in areas of rhetoric and argument, composition, creative writing, discipline-specific research genres and professional genres.

Dates for submitting proposals: Research or Scholarly Paper & Presentation: 25 July. Presentation (peer-reviewed abstract): Round 1 25 July, round 2 22 September. Workshop (peer-reviewed abstract): 22 September.

All submissions are to be made as Word document attachments to an e-mail to the Conference Conveyor at

Mediterranean Editors and Translators – METM 08 Communication Support Across the Disciplines

September 11-13, 2008
University of Split, School of Medicine, Split, Croatia

This meeting will bring together a wide variety of educators, tutors, author�s editors, publisher�s editors, translators and researchers – all concerned with how writers bring texts into the public eye and how we can support them. METM08 – the fourth meeting will focus on differences in writing practices across disciplinary cultures.

Proposals are welcome. Deadline is April 15, 2008.

We welcome papers on topics relevant to the nature of written or spoken texts in professional disciplines that communicate knowledge internationally through English, the processes through which texts are written, prepared for delivery, or prepared for publication in English or any of our association�s objectives.

More information on the call for for proposals, and the preliminary program, are available at


6th annual IWCA Summer Institute for Writing Center Directors and Professionals

July 20-25, 2008
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Join co-chairs Lisa Ede (Oregon State University), Paula Gillespie (Marquette University, and Brad Hughes (University of Wisconsin-Madison), plus six leaders and a group of Madison writing-center professionals and students, plus 50 participants from around the US and the world for in-depth and critical discussions of these kinds of topics: writing center philosphies, missions, theories, and literature, leadership in academic culture, tutor education.

Registration opens February 15, 2008.

Questions about the Summer Institute can be directed to Brad Hughes:

Writing development in Higher Education Conference

June 25-27, 2008
Glasgow, Scotland

The overarching theme of the conference is Times and Spaces for Writing to reflect our growing understanding of how, when and where writing happens in relation to higher education. To this end, we welcome proposals that address the conference theme from a broad range of theoretically informed perspectives. These may include, but not be limited to, digital writing, issues in addressivity, evolving discourses and genres, pedagogic and curriculum design issues, and emergent theory in relation to academic or creative writing.

A conference web site is now available

European Writing Centers Association – Initiating Writing Center Work – Connecting Secondary, Higher, and Professional Education

June 19-20, 2008
Freiburg, Germany

This conference call encourages discussions of concepts of institutional development to set up writing centers and to integrate writing center work into disciplin-specific and cross-disciplinary instruction and learning. This call also looks for training programs for writing/reading experts who work in the writing center and beyond. In addition, presentations on experiences with genre-specific support and the facilitation of writing/reading work aiming for the needs of other educational fields outside of the writing center�s institutional home base are strongly encouraged.

Proposals are welcome. Deadline is January 15, 2008

More information about the conference is available at


EWCA Conference 2008: Initiating Writing Center Work – Connecting Secondary, Higher, and Professional Education

June 19-22, 2008
Freiburg, Germany

2008 Submissions Deadline: February 1, 2008. Contact: Gerd Braeuer, EWCA Chair

For more information, please visit the
EWCA Conference 2008 Website

11th Warwick Postgraduate Conference in Applied Linguistics

June 18, 2008
University of Warwick, England

Keynote speakers: Professor Zolt�n D�rnyei, Professor of Psycholinguistics, University of Nottingham and Professor Michael Hoey, Professor of English Language, University of Liverpool.

Call for papers: We invite postgraduate students to submit an abstract for either a paper or a poster presentation on one of the following four themes: Language Learning and Pedagogy, Working and Communicating Across Cultures, Professional and Academic Discourse and Teacher Education and Development.

The deadline for receipt of abstract is May 9, 2008. Accepted papers and posters will be notified by May 23, 2008. Send your abstract to

More information about the conference is available


the 11th biennial SIG Writing conference

June 11-13, 2008
Centre for Languages and Literature, Lund University, Sweden

The aim of the SIG Writing conferences is to promote interaction among researchers who are interested in understanding the cognitive, social and developmental processes involved in writing, who are concerned with designing writing instruction in various educational settings, or with exploring the functions of writing in different social and institutional contexts. The scope of the conferences has typically been very broad, and we hope to draw together once again a wide range of researchers and professionals in the area of writing.
Earlier conferences have included contributions on topics like academic writing, text analysis, cognitive processes in writing, writing development, collaborative writing, creative writing, writing instruction, computer supported writing, social and cultural aspects of writing, motivational and emotional factors in writing, writing to learn, writing media, writing research methodology, written communication etc. We welcome submissions of individual papers, posters symposia and computer presentations on these topics as well as other writing related topics.
Submissions’ deadline is the 30th of November 2007.

Sig Writing2008 Organizing committe:
�sa Wengelin, Roger Johansson, Sven Str�mqvist & Victoria Johansson

For more information see:

Writing and Learning in Educational Contexts

June 5-6, 2008
Lucerne, Switzerland

The second biannual conference of the Forum for Academic Writing. The conference is organized in cooperation with the University of Teacher Education Central Switzerland Lucerne and the University Teacher Education Zurich.

Call for papers.

The call for papers in English

The call for papers in German

The conference

Ninth bi-annual 2008 International Writing Across the Curriculum Conference

May 28 through Saturday, May 31, 2008
The University of Texas at Austin, USA

We invite proposals that investigate how border crossings have affected the shape of our field, our institutions, and our global WAC conversations. For example, proposals might focus on how working with other disciplines and their media has influenced our theories of composing and communicating; how communicating across local (e.g. K-16), national and international borders is changing our definitions of disciplinary writing as well as our teaching and collaborative practices; how we translate what we do so that students, academic staff, administration, and those outside our institutions support the scholarship and curricular reform we promote.

For more detailed information, please visit
the conference webpage

Previous conferences

University Discourses: Forms, Practices, Transformations

April 24-25-26, 2008
Brussels, Belgium

International symposium organised by the universities of Brussels (ULB), Li�ge (ULG) and Louvain (UCL). Each day will focus on one issue: 1. University discourses, contextual modalities, pragmatic dimensions, intellectual technology. 2. Forms of University discourses: Critical Inventory. 3. Evolution of University discourses in the new international context. Application to the symposium february 15, 2008.

For more detailed information, please visit
the conference webpage

Revisioning Tomorrow�s Writing Center: Roles, Practices, Audiences
November 9-10, 2007
Athens, Greece

The Writing Center at the Hellenic American University, in collaboration with the Center for Applied Linguistics and Language Studies of the Hellenic American Union, is organizing an International Writing Centers Conference.

A detailed Conference Website is now online at the webpage

1-day seminar in Academic Literacies

June 22, 2007
London, England

This year’s one-day seminar in Academic Literacies will be held on Friday, June 22nd at UCL. This will be the 7th annual seminar and the day will be an opportunity to discuss work-in-progress, consider new developments in the field and speak with others working in the Academic Literacies area.

Please find further information at
the seminar webpage


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